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Stay in Struisbaai.
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 at the
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The Moringa Vegetable Tree a Nutritional Miracle
A Nutritional Miracle
Nature's Most Nutritious Vegetable Tree

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The Cottage

The Cottage Garden


Mountain Bikes/Quad Bikes/Horses

The Climate

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The Cottage

The self-catering Cottage is private, neat, cosy and practical and comfortably sleeps 5 people.

Bedroom One:   1 double bed
Bedroom Two:   2 Single beds
Bedroom Three: 1 3/4 bed

Linen is provided.

The cottage has a large hearth fire place and it is fully equipped with electricity, gas oven, fridge, freezer, washing machine, microwave, cutlery and crockery, pots, pans, casseroles and a sound system. There is also a TV and DVD Player (Unfortunately there is no TV reception).

The Farm and Cottage has it's own super fresh Spring Water supplied directly from our Mountains.

Dogs are welcome to sleep inside. Please make sure to clean up any accidents with the toilet paper and vinegar that is provided.

HERE to see pics of the Cottage

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The Cottage Garden

The Cottage is built on the side of a mountain in a beautiful huge fully enclosed garden complete with it's own sizeable farm dam. The enclosing fence is a 6-foot diamond mesh which should contain any type of dog.

It is a Nature Lovers and Dogs paradise.

HERE to see pics of the Cottage Garden

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The farm is 10 km from top to bottom and has plenty of mountains and kloofs for you and your dogs to walk and explore. Each kloof is a beautiful undisturbed world unto itself.

Guided walks (on foot) are available at an additional R200 per walk. The typical walk takes around three to four  hours.

Feel free to explore the farm and its mountains. Please do avoid the sheep though.

When walking try not to stand on plants particularly the smaller succulents. Always take a walking stick as they are very useful.
Make sure that you know when sunset is and calculate your turnaround time so that you allow yourself enough time to get back before dark.
The farm is home to a multitude of animals including baboons, leopards, snakes, buck, bush pigs, cattle, sheep and goats. Although the wild animals will almost always stay well clear of you and your dogs, due care must nonetheless always be taken. We have been for many walks in the mountains with our dogs and have never personally seen leopards or been bothered in any way by baboons but always keep in mind that this is a wild place and not a suburban park. 
If you have more than two dogs we highly recommend that you take only two at a time for a walk. Three or more dogs form a pack and are very difficult to control should they spot wildlife such as buck or baboons. However if you know that your dogs are obedient then the choice is yours.
Cattle may be present  and should not bother you or your dogs if you stay clear of them.

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Mountain Bikes/Quad Bikes/Horses

Quad Bikes are welcome on condition that they are adequately silenced and that the drivers are respectful of the natural beauty (ie. No Racing bikes and No Racing cowboys). There are many tracks to explore on the farm suitable for quad bikes or horses.

And there is also the 45 km De Hoop Valley Road which is very quiet and great for Horses, Mountain bikes and Quad bikes.

Guests seeking peace and quiet need not be concerned about quad bikes disturbing that peace and quiet  since only one group of guests are accommodated at a time.

To ride/cycle/quad to the top of the De Hoop Valley  (+- 15 km from the farm) and look back over the entire Valley is a fantastic and worthwhile experience.

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The Climate

Summers are mild to warm with hot days often ending in the late afternoon with a gentle cooling misty drizzle.

Winters are generally cold, but cosy by the large fireplace (wood provided). Winter is also the best time to seriously explore the Mountains.

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Day Trips

Uniondale (45 km)

The Square Apple -A quaint Coffee Shop and Art Gallery seating around 28 people. It has an  excellent lunch menu.
It is situated on the left hand side as one comes into Uniondale from the Uniondale Pass. 
Mobile +27 82 9773041
De Watermeul Restaurant (044 752 1079 / 752 1202) - not the usual cuisine - very special little place with delicious ever changing dishes.

Knysna (110 km or 200 km)
Knysna is 110km by road via the beautiful Prince Alfred's Pass (recommended for SUV's and 4x4's). 

A highly recommended day trip is the Prince Alfreds Pass to Knysna  and then dining at Paquitas Restaurant at the end of the Heads.

Check them out at or contact 044 384 0408.

Alternatively one can drive to George and then on to Knysna along the tar road. Although this route is 200 km long, the travel time is around the same as the Prince Alfreds Pass.

George (150 km)

Our restaurant recommendation is Leilas Arms normally open between 11am and 3pm. The food is delicious and mostly organic. Check them out at or email or contact Gaby Andrews at 044 870 0292 or 084 844 7996.

Try out Victoria Beach (turn off just outside George on the way to Knysna) if you would like to spend a day at the beach.

Oudtshoorn (150 km)

Oudtshoorn is a wonderful Karoo town also well worth visiting. It has many fine restaurants including:

La Dolce Vita  --

Kalinka Restaurant --

Jemimas  Restaurant --

Oudtshoorn also has the Oudtshoorn Arts Festival in the last two weeks of March which attracts thousands of people.

4X4 Trips
There is a fantastic 4X4 Route down at Vleesbaai, west of Mossel bay about 2.5 hours from the farm.

The route to get there is through the beautiful Langkloof Pass and the Outeniqua Pass down through George and onwards along the N2 until the Vleesbaai turnoff.

It is perfect for a day trip. It is on a farm in the dunes along the beach and is completely approved, a lot of fun and very vehicle safe.

Please contact Riekie van Rensburg at 044 699 1107 or 082 784 8238 for the Dune Route Vleesbaai 4X4 Route -- check out a blog by TrailRider about this fantastic Route.

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How to Use...

the Gas Oven

Make sure there is adequate ventilation when using the gas oven/stove. To light the oven, open the oven door . Put the Gas Lighter into the flame hole. Turn on the gas to setting three or so whilst pressing the control dial in. Light the gas lighter. The burner almost always ignites first time. If it doesn’t, then switch the oven off and allow the oven to air out for a few seconds before attempting again. Once the oven is lit then keep holding the dial in for about 5 seconds before releasing.
To light the stove plates simply push the relevant control dial in and turn. Hold the lighter against the burner and light. Once lit release the control dial.
Be aware that if the window is open too wide then the wind can blow out the stove top flames.

the Fire Place

Fire wood is provided for the duration of your stay.
Please make absolutely sure that the fireplace grid is put in place whenever you make a fire. Always use gloves when removing the grid and when adding more big logs to the fire.
Never allow the wood that is stored next to the fireplace to come in contact with the metal wall of the fireplace.
Always make sure that there is adequate ventilation when the fire is burning.

the Washing Machine

For an ordinary wash, pull out the detergent drawer and add one to two tablespoons of laundry gel (provided free of charge) per wash into the left hand side of the draw.
Close the drawer and push the start button. The average wash period is approximately 75 minutes depending on the desired temperature. Once the cycle is complete the door can be opened. Please switch the machine off at the plug after use.
The organic laundry gel also makes an excellent car shampoo should you want to wash your car. One tablespoon per bucket is ample.

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